Whale watching: whale loving

Mont-Dore, NC

Whale watching: whale loving

Whale watching 

Sailboat whale watching, the Whale loving : meet whales in a sailboat respecting their peacefulness.

Meet us in Prony village at 8.00 AM – Plan to bring your picnic and warm clothes.

Prony is one hour and a half driving from Noumea, the road is passing by Plum village.

We can stay in our “Prony’s paradise” guests rooms





Price: From 105.61 AUD

Duration: 8 Hours

Place: Mont-Dore, NC


Payment: Credit card

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Meet the whales : the whale loving


From July to September, we go to meet humpback whales, our philosophy: the whale loving, approaching the whales by sailing with respect for their tranquillity.

Each year during southern summer, humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, reach the south lagoon of New Caledonia after a migration of more than 8,000 kilometres from the Antarctic Ocean. This frozen ocean is their feeding area, their diet is composed of krill (tiny shrimps) which are plentiful in this area.

Whales come to the tropical water of New Caledonia to reproduce and give birth.

Watching these marine giants measuring between 12 and 16 meters and weighting between 30 to 40 tons is a stunning show.  

In order to preserve their presence and to avoid disturbing their reproduction process, Captain Woodin invites you to meet them sailing (no noise disturbance of the motors). On the boat, we avoid to chase, to track down or to disturb whales and especially moms with their calves.

The aim is to place the boat next to them and to wait that they come to us. What can be more wonderful than watching animals in their natural environment respecting their peacefulness


The Whale loving is a new approach with more respect, comprehension and emotion.

Become a whale lover and let you tamed by these majestic animals!

Day trips start from Prony’s bay (Anse Sébert : Prony village).


At your disposal, the fleet is composed of a sailboat « Captain Woodin » which can host 9 people for a one-day trip.

We can come to Prony’s Paradise for the night before your trip. Departures are at 8.00 AM and we return between 4.00 and 6.00 PM.

Prony is one hour and a half driving from Noumea.

Please plan on bringing your picnic. 


Adulte - Observation Baleine
8 Hours 1 118.81 AUD
Enfant (4 à 12 ans) - Observation Baleine
8 Hours 1 92.41 AUD


Village de Prony
Mont-Dore, New Caledonia